Treatment Guide Serving the UK

We’re building a website for people in the UK to find addiction and mental health treatment providers based on geographical region, provider type, treatment specialties, ability to pay, and more. Learn more about how we’re different.

Coming Spring 2020

Brought To You by RehabPath

RehabPath UK will be built by the same team that operates a number of similar sites around the world. We’re an independent company with no ties to a particular treatment network or method and have one primary goal: to help families and individuals worldwide find freedom from their addictions. Learn more about us, one of our current sites.

Treatment Providers

You Can Help Us Out!

Are you a treatment provider in the UK (or serving UK citizens) and like what we’re doing? You can help us out a great deal by submitting some key information about your practice that will be used to create your listing on our site. The more information we have, the better we can communicate your services on our site. 

Our Position On Referral Fees

One of the key reasons we’re pursuing building this site in the UK before other geographies is due to the lack of legitimate, informational websites for patients to find treatment options in the UK when they are searching key terms on Google.

Some of the sites that are ranking well on Google operate through kickbacks and referral fees that happen behind the scenes—unbeknownst to the patient. We are opposed to this and will rely on an open and ethical business model that relies on straightforward advertising partnerships. Learn more about how our site will be different

Jan Gerber speaking about Paracelsus’ stance on referral fees when we visited. You can read more about our thoughts on referral fees on our LuxuryRehab blog.