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Choosing a Treatment Provider: The Ultimate Guide to Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health Treatment

Introduction Trying to find substance abuse and mental health treatment that meets your needs can be overwhelming. Why? Well, one main reason is we often don’t know where to even begin and we have misconceptions about ‘rehab’ and recovery. When someone breaks a bone, most of us lay people have common knowledge about treatment protocol: […]

Alcohol Withdrawal

Safety Note: Alcohol withdrawal can be life-threatening. Seek medical support and supervision to withdraw safely from alcohol. Alcohol alters the chemicals in the body to produce its effects, such as relaxation and euphoria. Our bodies are designed to maintain balance, or homeostasis or equilibrium. These two facts will help you understand why alcohol withdrawal happens.  […]


We often joke about going through withdrawal from a specific person, food, or TV show. While withdrawal describes something being removed or taken away, it also specifically refers to a set of symptoms a person can experience upon stopping an addictive substance or behavior, such as drugs, alcohol, and gambling.  What is drug / alcohol […]